Your idea is our creative starting point for the implementation of unusual and complex projects in interior design and architecture. Robust spatial elements, furnishings, and furniture planning form the guiding principles of our holistic practice. We are a design-oriented team with diverse interests and an eye for current trends in materials and composition. We consistently add new materials and approaches to our process. Based on an initial sketch with your input, we select interesting material combinations. We then develop an initial draft of the design, which is finalized with a detailed visualization. This collaborative process begins with creativity and is planned with your vision in mind.


A highly motivated, well-coordinated team of designers work with our own carpentry manufacturer and in cooperation with architects to realize your vision of your living space as seamlessly as possible. During the planning phase, you will be guided by a personal contact person as we fulfill on-time and precise production. Our claim: To put the design to a final test based on technical and functional rigor so that you are thrilled with the result.


During production, your project is in professional hands at all times. We dedicate our attention to each product, piece of furniture, space-building extensions, and/or complex large-scale projects. We are your capable partner in the production process. A well-considered handle, a trained eye, and the use of modern production technology such as a CNC mill and pressing machines complete the myriad of services our highly qualified team of carpenters and specialist trades have to offer in our Berlin-based factory. Our creative credo: Excellent material and processing efficiency. Your product: durable quality furniture that inspires.