For many people, the first minutes of the day are not only seen as they start the day, but also with the feeling that they are going on. Therefore, your interior is as accurate as it is possible that your smooth running rights your morning routine.

With the furniture and interior designs specially designed by us, you will like it, the passengers for the day or the settings - whatever you have in mind. You have your own meanings, in addition to your ideas of the size and distribution of your personal rights.

A dressing room north in any case enough space to find all your dressing furniture and the clothes, shoes and accessories stored in it sorted at a glance. Wrinkle-free shirts and shoe trees, tie holders and jewelry stands - all the utensils that promote the care and adequate storage of your clothes can be found in one place.

In addition to the custom-made walk-in closet, which harmoniously enters the interior, the wardrobe is particularly popular as a space-saving variant under the sloping roof. With him, everyone can be that his personal rights belong. The simple dressing room and built-in closet offer more subtle alternatives.

Dressing Room