Who doesn't want it? A bathroom design that invites you to switch off with its atmosphere and high comfort and offers the wellness aspect of a luxurious Home SPAS. A luxury bathroom, in which you will find care products, towels and cosmetics at your fingertips in the morning or after an eventful day in an atmospheric light you can relax and unwind in a fragrant bath in a pleasant atmosphere.

The particular challenge of bathrooms can be the limited area. If the furniture, design, interior design and quality of the interior fittings are perfectly coordinated, you can gain some additional square meters for maintenance and well-being.

We as planners, designers and experienced carpenters support you in realizing your vision of an individual master bathroom even in the smallest of spaces. From the perfectly fitting washbasin to the bathroom cabinet to the vanity unit. We manufacture bathroom furniture made of wood and other materials on request.

In addition, we design guest bathrooms that should be retrofitted or converted so that even spontaneous guests can always find a sophisticated, functionally perfect bathroom.